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We make gelato. Real, old school, all natural gelato. This means we don’t use mix from a factory, we don’t add colours, we don’t buy flavours in 2L pails and we don’t compromise. We use fresh Ontario milk and cream, cane and grape sugars and all natural ingredients.


Artisan Gelato

Our gelato and sorbetto are made from scratch from real ingredients. We will never compromise on this promise. Where possible our ingredients are sourced locally and purchased directly from farmers. We know what goes into our product and are incredibly proud of each and every batch we create.


We deliver gelato throughout the downtown core on Friday’s from April – October. Come and see us at one of our stops or pre-order a delivery to your home or office. Check us out on twitter or facebook to see where we’re stopping next!


We are available to cater your functions with our fresh gelato. We have both a cargo bicycle and a portable cart available. We can custom brand packaging, or work with you to create a signature flavour to personalize your big day. Contact us for scoops or sandwiches and we can make your event memorable.

Our story

Be Good was a shared dream of Lauren Walter and Kevin De Clippeleir’s, only they didn’t quite know they’d be starting it together. A chance meeting over gelato in Italy has snowballed into Be Good as it operates today. Too cheesy to detail here, if you’d like to know the scoop on how they met just ask!

  • Big Scoop

    The newest addition to our team, Big Scoop does double duty at Be Good. He has increased our capacity to cater with cones instead of sandwiches. You can find him at farmer’s markets serving scoops and pints, or borrow him for your own private event.

  • Blue Bike

    Trusty Blue has been with us from the start. He’s delivered gelato in the heat and kept his cool, seen his share of markets and has come back to do it all over again this year. You can have Blue deliver fresh gelato to you on Friday’s throughout the summer.

  • Kevin De Clippeleir

    Kevin is the Be in Be Good. Imported from Belgium, Kevin brings his experience with high cuisine, stuffy European kitchens and a love of all things food to Be Good. When not in the kitchen cooking up new recipes you can find him with his nose in a cookbook dreaming about his next flavour.

  • lauren Walter

    Lauren is the ice cream fanatic and consummate dreamer. She grew up with family outings to Baskin Robbins and in looking for a way to pay homage to her past decided to make artisan gelato herself. When she’s not cycling around town peddling gelato you can find her in a cafe planning Be Good’s next moves.

Rave reviews

We’re Trusted by Over 20,000 Handsome Customers.

Splurge: Cherry gelato ice cream sandwich. This frozen confection’s perfection cool slab of gelato between two chunky chocolate cookie

Corey Mintz, food columnist , Toronto Star

If you want an amazing gelato cookie sandwich in Toronto, track them down, I did and love it!

James Coleridge, 2013 Gelato Master , Bella Gelateria

Find us

We are Toronto’s only mobile gelateria. You can find us at markets and pop-ups throughout the city from April – October. We may even let you pick up an order from our production kitchen if you can catch us. Check the calendar on facebook to see when we’ll be in your area.

555 Dundas St. East
Toronto, ON
M5A 2B7
416 819 9807